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A small space of true integrity. A new tamper-evident packaging.


Very first SLA prototype lid diameter 100mm


App mockup

Entropy what?

The Entropyseal is a concept of a reusable tamper-evident jar to store or ship
sensitive physical goods with peace of mind. It can be easily verified by any
smartphone camera or even low-tech with a Xerox photocopy.

A visual pattern of particles is temporary locked when closing the jar. The image of the fingerprint is captured by a smartphone camera and safely stored for later pattern-match verification.
It is intensely difficult to twist the lid off the jar without mixing the particles.

The jar is designed such that the particles are mixed actively when twisting open the lid.
The particles are sitting in 3-4 layers to easily lock tight upon enclosure.

For the geeks, entropy of the physical pattern is highest when an equal amount of white and black particles is visible. If mixing would be perfect, which is not! entropy (in bits) equals almost the amount of visible particles. If 1320 pcs. D=2mm particles are visible, our seal’s entropy is theoretically up to 1314 bits, that is 3.58 x 10^395 possible combinations.

Cutting the jar entirely away from the lid and replacing it with a replica is prevented by the smart teeth design. When the threaded particle tray within the lid is in closed state, it is unable to turn anymore which makes twisting in a new container impossible.

The Entropyseal is a small space of true integrity.

Our peers

Anywhere small scale physical goods have to be protected from being looked at, manipulated, replaced, counterfeited or disappearing undetected, the entropyseal is the solution.

Crypto hardware shipping and storage, smartphone manufacturers, gemstone dealers, narcotics or doping test-labs, evidence collectors, secret diary keepers etc.

A userstory:

Alice is security officer for a mobile phone company with a fruit logo.

They have a lot of measures to prevent from internal and external theft. Except the replacement part supply chain management creates her worries. Despite using  industry standard tamper evident boxes, it seems some replacement parts still go “missing” without a trace.

The shop technicians reported to Alice that when they opened some boxes, they discovered a piece of clay with the same weight of the stolen replacement part instead of the expected goods.

Bob, Carl and Edgar know how and where in the supply chain to best swap a valuable replacement part with a piece of clay. Their trick to open the tamper evident boxes works most of the time with close to no trace.

Alice wants to do something about this, but in the complex supply chain where products pass multiple warehouses worldwide, she cannot locate and uncover Bob and the other birds.

If she had an Entropyseal, the replacement parts integrity could be verified by simply checking the temporary locked fingerprint. This can be done repeatedly at each warehouse the parts are stored and transported to. If a check showed the temporary locked fingerprint does not match, Alice would know where in the supply chain the theft happened.

Likely, Bob and his bird friends would stop stealing and all  honest supply chain managers would be relieved from being collectively suspected.


Transparent SLA prototype, Oct 2021


Carboard packaging with instructions

Project status


Today we have functional SLA 3D printed hardware prototypes in super high transparent quality. Our 3-part jar design is independent of any machine other than a smartphone camera or xerox to verify the
state of the temporary locked fingerprint.

To determine a broadly compatible initial jar size, we are looking at a good compromise suitable for creditcards, Bitcoin hardware wallets, steel wallets, jewellery, watches and mobile phone replacement parts.

For your consideration:
Until here we have funded Entropyseal out of our own pockets in our spare time.
donation will support us to further assess the true potential of our work.
Confirmation that there is real interest for our product will ultimately help us to get the early stage funding necessary to go into injection molding tooling.

We are


Fabian Wyss - Thinkerer

Equipped with 2 years of experience from a vacuum TEP project, Fabian started to develop the Entropyseal in Juli 2020 and currently leads doings.

Jad Zeidan - Engineer

Jad is a cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013 and now he is doing the CAD design for the Entropyseal.

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